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What Lies Beneath

Hidden beneath the myriad layers of times forgotten are the answers.  Answers, as it turns out, are the easiest of articles to obtain, as life’s highway is littered with countless numbers of them.  Hidden by the answers remain the questions. . .awaiting discovery, or re-discovery. 

Within the echoes of dreams fall the haunting tones of memories, as if a great celestial tree is being decorated to aid in the celebration of a brand new season whose core reverberates the alignment of every-when.

Slipping beneath the waves of time are the nearly elastic strings that touch all points of the ocean, at all points of existence.  It is somewhere within its bonds that the ocean holds its most sacred of keys to locks of time and distance.

For as much that can be found that is the same, difference there, also lies.  The sacred keys that exist within us, go by many names.  They are the names of deities, names of virtues, and names of saving graces.  Know that no tale can exist without the spark of its most final moment is found just below the surface, in the very instant it was created.

Search well, as time, tide and fate contain the ingredients for the birth and death of each our lives. . .and if you look close enough you will see the light of divinity as it illuminates the path you were meant to take.