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Memories and Their Cages

Our memories are like golden compasses. . .they keep our paths true, and we’re allowed the knowledge that we can not move forward without considering the past.  Memories can guard the heart against pain and anguish, and they can force them upon it.  Some memories are sweet, and can refresh the spirit with a quenching drink of celestial water, while others seem to slowly steal time from us.

Memories reassure us, and can generate a false sense of security, as they are played in our mind in such a way as to etch them into our minds as an absolute and unfaltering truth.  However, you and I both know differently.  We know that if we begin to question the core of our memories, we are essentially questioning our very existence.  There has to be a logical, and chronological, order to things.

One can not feel the pain of losing someone before it happens, therefore, any event that occurs is a memory in the making.  As this event, any given event, happens your response to it then determines your actions.  If we’re not completely comfortable with the action we assume we must take, then we simply blame the event for our negative feelings.

What we must do is identify those events, and consciously choose the healthy response.  Taking responsibility for your actions is one thing, but we really must grasp the responsibility of our thoughts,

Always choose the path of peace and production.  Assume all events have a positive side to them if we take the time to interpret and use the knowledge gained for good.  You can do it, well, you already are. . .as you’re reading this post.  How do you know that you weren’t meant to arrive here?




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